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ASIAN HOME APPLIANCE CENTER COMPANY, INC. is one of the nation's leading and fastest growing retailer of home appliances and furniture.

With 21 branches conveniently located in Metro Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Bacolod City, Davao City and still growing, Asian Home provides the trusted and leading brands packaged with utmost customer care.


The company ensures that they are provided with regular trainings and skills enhancements for personal and career development.

Asianhome People

We take pride in our highly efficient and dedicated employees who share the company's dreams and pursue them with passion.

Asianhome People

Rewards and recognition are vital components in the company's program for happy, satisfied, and motivated employees.


Enjoy life. Live in modern comfort.

We make sure we have what our customers need and that we give them only the best.



We don't compromise. We stand for what is true. What is right. What is honest. What is fair.


We pursue the highest. We don't settle for less.

Customer Care

The reason for our business is our customers. We believe Customer Care is not a choice. It is an attitude. We ensure that we have what they need and we package and deliver it with love .


We firmly believe it is easier and faster to reach our destination if we pull our talents and skills together.


We dream and do things that never were.


ASIAN HOME APPLIANCE CENTER COMPANY, INC. opened its first store along Magallanes Street in the Philippines’ oldest city of Cebu in JANUARY 1995.

Having only a showroom area of 140 square meters, the company made every effort to provide a broad range of quality and affordable merchandise and ensured that each customer is happy and satisfied.

Shoppers enjoyed the personalized service and attention to details from our dedicated staff. It did not take long for the business to prosper. Soon after, Asian Home expanded by opening new stores in various areas.


Asianhome Commitment
Asianhome Commitment

To deliver convenience, comfort, and pleasure to every individual and every home through affordable quality appliances.

Asianhome Commitment
Asianhome Commitment

To grow as individuals and as vibrant organizaion inspired to dream and achieve.

To value God's creation, contribute to society and help promote quality life for Filipino people.


On top of sustained solid partnership with world leading suppliers and government and private institutions and a growing market share of loyal and new customers.

ASIAN HOME APPLIANCE CENTER COMPANY, INC. has expanded to fifteen (15) branches as of 2014. Find our list of store brancheshere!